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    Hello! I've had problem with my blackview phone as it wasn't charging at all, it show charging but battery didn't capture the power still showing 0%. Yesterday I had a brilliant idea to charge it with a little bit higher current and voltage to give it a kick (firstly I've wanted to check if the current if flowing on my Xperia z3 which was perfectly fine)- I've cut microusb cable wide open and connected it to a microprocessor charger where I set auto function (damn) and it did kick it... With 30V and 3A. Now, my phone Xperia doesn't charge at all. When I turn it off and connect charger it shows connected charger but doesn't charge, when I turn it off it doesn't charge also. I would like to ask you what could happen- microusb port?(don't think so as it's recognizing on off), battery? (Also don't think so cause it's 80% and slowly dropping down on usage), battery's connector?, Motherboard?. Thanks for a help. After answer I think of taking it apart and check with voltometer.
    12-08-2017 05:07 AM
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    I've heard of "kicking" a Lipo to try bringing it back if it was discharged past the low voltage cutoff and not accepting a regular charge, but it is risky and now you see why.

    I think originally you should've just tried the usual steps of replacing the USB cable, and then the battery. If you ran 30V through the USB port, then I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you burned out the port or one of the circuit boards.

    Personally I wouldn't even bother with it and would send off for repair or replace the phone. Unless you are experienced with electrical diagnosis and repair, and willing to replace the needed parts, I just don't think it's worth trying to DIY this one.
    12-08-2017 06:12 AM

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