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    No bad grades anymore

    Almost everywhere on earth students get grades on school.
    Some of the grades are better than others and this is logical, but after a while people start judging the knowledge of students by their grades. It is not fair to think someone is not smart only by seeing grades. Some students do not pass their test because of sleazy faults, distraction or their nerves. For these reasons, grading system should be abolished.

    In the first place, grades do not always say something about how smart someone is. Sometimes people get low grades because of sickness or distraction of things they pass through. Luck is also very important for a good grade. Someone very lucky can get a good grade by guessing the right answers.
    It is also possible that someone, who knows everything get nervous and screws it up.

    Besides, enthusiasm disappears when learning is an obligation. For example making a book report in a short period of time, because of this people cannot enjoy the book. According to students homework is always too much and boring. The only reason students make their homework is because they want a good grade for the test. This is not the right thought, school needs to be interesting.

    Nevertheless, getting good grades is not the real purpose of education.
    It is to better understand the world and to gain life experience. All of those subjects on school are meant for the students to find out what their interests are. Because of the pressure for getting good grades, people do not realize this.

    Indeed will opponents say that if grading system will be abolished, students stop learning. Even though there is a grading system at the moment, many students do not learn. Grades will not avoid students which do not learn, it stimulate them to stop learning when they get low grades.

    To summarize the point, grading system is not right for education. It does not make school more interesting or students more enthusiastic. Grades neither say something about how smart someone is. They do not matter, what matters is that people learn something, are interested and curious. For these reasons grading system should be abolished. Non scholae, sed vitae discimus.
    12-09-2017 09:46 AM
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    The points that you make are, I think, largely true, and if you are a young student, I congratulate you on your insights. Nevertheless, some kind of grading or other indication of qualification seems necessary, in order to show fitness for various social responsibilities.
    12-09-2017 10:56 AM
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    Looking at it from an adult view (and only looking at the content, not the few small language difficulties), you're attacking the wrong problem in the wrong way. Yes, you learn something you're enthusiastic about better and faster than something you don't care about. Yes, it's unfair if a student just can't take tests (because his mind doesn't work that way, or because he wasn't feeling well when he took the test). But school isn't tailored to the individual. Plato no longer holds class for half a dozen students on the grass. So methods that work for hundreds (or thousands - my high school had 6,000 students) of students is the only way the system can work without half the adult population being involved in education.

    School, until you get into college, has one purpose - to give you the tools you need in order to learn whatever field you're going to learn in college or university. (Which is what you'll use "in life".) Homework is part of it - because repetition aids in retention. Grades ... well, how else can the teacher or the system know how much you've learned without sitting for an hour with each student on a weekly basis? And that would take a lot more teachers, a lot more money, meaning a lot higher taxes.

    Non scholae, sed vitae discimus might be true, but the school (teachers, the system, etc.), needs to be able to measure how well you've learned, and the only practical way is with some kind of test. If they can't measure it, they can't change what they're doing if they're doing something wrong, can they? (I will grant you that we still have a long way to go before we find a method of education that works for all students in all subjects. In the US, they've been trying for decades. One of the failures is the current "whole word" reading method of teaching reading. Students never learn to sound words out, or to figure out meaning from prefix, root and suffix, the way I did many decades ago. [And one of the problems is that the people who are trying were taught incorrectly, so they don't understand as much as they think they do.] I don't think we'll see it - certainly not in my lifetime [I'm 75] and probably not in yours. Medicine, which is almost 2,000 years old, has just recently started treating each patient differently, even for the apparently same condition. And that's a life or death matter. It's going to take education a while longer. [Where "a while" is measured in at least decades, if not centuries. If the movie Idiocracy is available to you, watch it. That's what would happen without testing.])
    12-09-2017 01:55 PM

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