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    I'm currently in Colombia
    A few weeks ago my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone developed a couple of purple spots in the top corner where the phone had previously been dropped, the following morning the whole screen turned purple then black. The phone continued to be turned on for another week or so, a preset alarm went off, lights were flashing etc.
    I have finally got to a city where I can get it fixed and they are telling me there is an issue with the motherboard and it can't be turned on, is this a possibility or is something getting lost in translation? (My Spanish is not so good!)

    I don't want to pay for a replacement motherboard if it's not necessary, and I only need a new screen.
    I was previously quoted around £125 for a new screen elsewhere in Colombia, am I likely to pay more or less than that in the UK? I could just buy a new phone here but then would still need to get the other fixed when I got home.
    Muchos Gracias!
    12-11-2017 10:01 PM

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