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    I have an LG G5 from att and like 3 to 4 months ago i disable the auto updates for apps, no even under wifi... slow the phone some time, but the last two weeks or so i have been receiving between 10 to 20 request to update apps every two days

    i cant tell the difference from when i stopped the auto update and before that time .. and i dont have the new Oreo os as i know.

    anyone in the same boat?
    12-14-2017 01:21 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I get notices, but I rarely update apps. Some have been getting worse over time, some are perfectly good the way they are (for me). Apps that I have to update (like my bank's app) I allow to update. But I currently have over 40 apps that are listed as needing to be updated (and I won't).
    12-14-2017 01:37 PM

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