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    I downloaded clean master and it must've some setting to where i can no longer download any apps.
    12-19-2017 03:23 PM
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    First off, Clean Master and other memory booster apps are worthless as they run counter to how Android was designed to function.


    So the first thing to do is go into your app manager to force close CM, clear its data, then uninstall it. The developer, Cheetah Mobile, doesn't have a good reputation in general, so I'd also uninstall anything else from them you may have.

    That alone may fix your problem, but it's also possible it was a fluke and you'll still have issues downloading apps due to something unrelated to CM. If so, what kind of error messages are you getting? It will also help us if you can tell us which make and model phone you are using.

    Since you are running a memory booster app and also can't download apps, my guess is you have either an old or low end budget phone. These phones have very limited resources for today's uses. So while having memory filled is a good thing on Android, even that has its limits. That can cause issues with running out of memory when there is too much demand. The most common problem with being unable to download apps is running out of space on the internal storage (you cannot download direct to the SD card if you have one, nor is it advisable to transfer apps to it). Both of these issues are extremely common in low end phones.
    12-19-2017 03:49 PM

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