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    We hand out XCover 4's to colleague's. And some of them have this issue where the touch just won't let go when the touch is physically let go.

    We RMA'd one of them and it came back (working again) with nothing but the caption "We only reinstalled android".

    So yeah OK, besides factory reset I haven't done that so I try that on the other phones and they actually work again! W00t!

    Now I've been given the job to do the same thing with this one, and it just doesn't work. I've tried flashing three types of stock ROM's with no success.

    The only thing that comes remotely comes close to my problem is "host/Phantom touch" but the usual fixes don't work for this one.

    Also, when it's on the charger it behaves normally without any problems.

    I have some screenshots with the "Developer Options - Pointer Location" enabled, how it kind of looks when it... freezes?...Doesn't let go?

    If anyone wants to see them just let me know, and how you wish to see them.

    Thanks for any responses in advance.

    12-20-2017 09:59 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Does this still happen in Safe Mode? https://allmyphones.com/how-to-enter...laxy-xcover-4/. If not, then something that you're routinely installing on all of the phones might be causing the problem.
    12-20-2017 11:41 AM
  3. MichaelSKo's Avatar
    @ B. Diddy:
    Yeah I should've listed all the steps I've taken already
    a. Safe Mode: No changes
    b. Factory Reset/Wipe Cache
    c. New (official/stock) ROM
    d. Cleaning the screen with a wet cloth
    e. Pushing lightly on the sides of the screen so the screen can "make contact"
    f. Touchscreen update with *#0*#
    The only thing that seems to do it is to keep it on charger, I'm pretty close to just RMA'ing this one too and probably hearing the same "We only reïnstalled Android, duh"...
    If anyone has any other ideas I'm open for anything.
    12-21-2017 02:42 AM

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