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    My budget hovers around these range, otherwise i would just get the pixel 2 xl.

    Question as in title. I was about to get the 5T but notice after more video researches, i find that the camera was pretty bad.

    Mate 10 seems good all around, though i find the 5T even smoother and faster.

    S8 is quite cheap now, will be even cheaper next year. Pretty awesome camera, but not sure what to think of the glass-cannon phone.

    Just need some advice before i make my decision.

    12-25-2017 04:47 AM
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    I like to line specs up side by side, like this: https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php...&idPhone3=8912

    Screens are comparable in size with the 5T edging the others in diagonal measure, but not matching the resolution. If you prefer LCD then Huawei wins. Otherwise I would bet dollars to donuts that the Samsung has a better AMOLED display than the 5T, especially since it is in-house and is 2k rather than OnePlus at 1080p.

    Huawei gives you Oreo right out of the box.

    I can't speak to the Kirin SoC used on the Huawei, but the other two have the proven Snapdragon 835.

    OnePlus 5T gives you more storage and/or RAM.

    Likewise, 5T gives you more MegaPixels in the main and front cameras... (more on that later)

    All 3 are Type C (love it), but the 5T is on the less powerful 2.0 and the other 2 use 3.1. All 3 are quick charge of some flavor. Huawei really ups the battery @ 4000 mAh.

    Only you can decide which trade-offs to make.

    You mention the all glass of the Samsung S8. I wouldn't worry about it if you use a case and/or are not particularly accident prone with your devices.

    You also mention Camera quality specifically. That can also get a bit subjective as well since some favor certain factors more than others. Again, side by side helps decide: https://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3...&idPhone3=8912

    Overall, I'm somewhat split between the S8 and the 5T on camera. The Mate 10 seems too soft and over-saturated to my eye. I'd also rather have a Snapdragon over a Kirin... I do like LCD and 4000 mAh, but the camera just can't come up enough by comparison for me and the radio seems less capable for world travel on the Huawei. I'm not liking the Mate 10 in comparison with the other two, honestly.

    Between the Samsung and the OnePlus. That gets harder for me to decide if it were my money.

    I'd probably go OnePlus 5T because underdog, dislike of Touch Wiz, Samsung's short term outlook on updates and the fact that OnePlus would give me more RAM and internal storage. 5T in 128GB storage and 8GB RAM sounds pretty good to me. It also has more mAh in the battery combined with a lower res screen so you can expect better battery life.

    However, things in the S8's favor are better screen, more color choices, DEX might be fun to play with, Type C 3.1 and being a known quanity in terms of build and 3rd party accessory support as well as parts supplies should you ever need repair.

    All-in all it's a tough call. 3 very nice phones, any of which I could see myself carrying. Again, I'd go with the OnePlus 5T first, the Samsung S8 next and the Huawei last. YMMV.
    12-25-2017 09:50 AM

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