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    I tried to flash the new Eclipse v12 rom (gt-i9305) on top of the final ressurrection remix build (gti9305) (and yes my phone is Samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9305 LTE/4G). But before that i wiped the internal storage and data and the external sd card but it didn't bootloop then like it does in most cases. After i flashed Eclipse it just booted up with the resurrection remix boot up and that wasn't supposed to happen because i just flashed Eclipse which is a samsung based rom 4.4.4 so it should show the samsung boot up. SO i tried going back into recovery and that wouldn't work. (Since i have had my phone bricked before I knew to try the download mode too) But download mode didn't work either. I searched and searched and found adb. I installed it and went on cmd and entered the command to boot into download mode. It didn't work and came up with null and not being able to recognise the device. I doubted myself since I think i had not activated usb debugging. I tried to find more information about this bootloop. The phone does not boot up unless I actually press the power button. Removing the battery and quickly putting it back in and trying to get into download mode doesn't work. I tried other methods like switching batteries or plugging in the charger and trying to enter download mode. But that didn't work either. I'm so tired of this and since I'm not the brightest of people please help me. I'll provide you more information if you want.
    The recovery i'm using is Twrp 3.1.1-0.
    12-26-2017 09:31 AM

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