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    I've recently bought a new phone and noticed that the 2 photos I had in the picture frame widget, on my old phone, aren't actually stored in the gallery. I was hoping they might be stored as files elsewhere on the phone so that I could retrieve them. Does anyone know where the widget stores the photos? My old phone is still displaying the 'framed' photos so I'm assuming they're still somewhere!
    12-26-2017 01:32 PM
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    Nothing is stored "in the Gallery"/ Gallery is an app, not a storage location.

    When you turn the phone on, or restart it, Media Scan runs, building a database of all media files available in both internal and external (physical SD card) storage. Gallery shows any picture (or video) files in that database - UNLESS there's a file named .nomedia in the same (or a parent) folder (which means, "Media Scan, get out of here").

    The pictures are probably stored in such a "protected" folder, or in the app's own folder which, being a system-type folder (it's only readable by the app and root, and the app itself is executable, but not readable), doesn't get added to the database unless the app itself modifies the database.

    If you can't find the pictures with a file manager app, you'd probably have to root the old phone. (And hope that they're not stored in some format that only the app can read as a picture. It's amazing how convoluted some app developers can get, almost as if not letting you get at your own data is more important than doing what the app is supposed to do. ES File Explorer can create a shortcut on the homepage to any file. If it creates a shortcut to a text file, its own text editor claims that the shortcut is unreadable. But the text editor that created the file can still read the shortcut [yes, I know - the file actually being read is the text file, not the shortcut pointing to it]. HUH?)
    01-13-2018 04:02 PM

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