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    I am trying to search for Android method which handles the following situation:

    When there is a sudden change in the GUI, during a user input, it might be interpreted incorrectly. For example, when user provides touch input and screen orientation changes suddenly, it might cause the device to interpret the input for the second (new orientation). However, the user was actually providing input for the first orientation.

    In another example, when the user is providing input on a GUI, and another event occurs, causing GUI to change, such as incoming call, an alert, etc. the user might accidentally provide input to the new event, while intending to interact with the initial GUI, that was being displayed prior to the new incoming event.

    Can Android handle such a scenario? In other words, does it consider some amount of threshold time after GUI change, to decide (interpret correctly) if the user input was for first or new GUI?

    Thanks in advance!
    12-29-2017 12:52 AM
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    Duplicate thread. See here for the original thread:
    12-29-2017 02:03 AM
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    Yes, answered long ago, with no response to my question and no acknowledgment of the answer given by @Rukbat.
    12-29-2017 06:33 AM

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