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    Uber Eats is the most frustrating app. The app doesn't work. All you get is what you see below. You can't set a date or a time or continue or order. Nothing works. There is no way to contact them. Sending to the developer through google play results in email saying you have reached an unmonitored mailbox and to click HELP in the app (which is not there). I said this on their rating and someone said to send them an email help uber com [slash] eaters (modified link so it would not think it was spam) but there is nowhere on that site to send an email. All the help options are justknowledge-based articles about stuff I don't care about. And I am tired of uninstalling and reinstalling.

    Clicking ASAP or entering date or time does not work. Schedule an order does not work. No help. No menu. (Google Pixel 1)

    Anyone else having this problem? It is a miracle how they can survive.
    01-04-2018 03:16 PM

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