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    So firstly, I have 2 Sasmsung devices; a phone and a tablet. I use the tablet for Whatsapp only. Every time I add a new contact to my phone, it would also get added to the tablet. I do not want this to happen. What settings do I mess around with to stop this?

    Secondly, I tried deleting contacts from the tablet which I don't want to show up on Whatsapp, but I do want on my phone. However, those contacts have also been deleted from my phone now. How do I get those back?

    I looked through the previous questions and couldn't find the answer. I'm also not very comfortable with technology and all this is quite confusing.

    Thanks in advance.
    01-10-2018 11:08 AM
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    It sounds like your two devices were pulling your contacts list from the same cloud account (most likely your Google account). When you added contacts to your tablet from WhatsApp, those same contacts synced to your phone via that cloud account. And when you deleted them from your tablet, those deletions also synced to your phone through that same cloud account.

    In order to keep those contacts lists separate, you'll need to set up the default storage location for contacts on the tablet as "Phone" (or perhaps "Tablet" - I can't recall how Samsung labels these options). I've opened a few Samsung product manuals online, and unfortunately, none of them have instructions on how to do this, but I recommend opening the Contacts app and looking through the various settings until you find one allowing you to save contacts locally instead of to your Google account.

    Then I would go to the tablet and go to Settings->Accounts, then open the cloud account that contains the contacts you don't want to associate with the tablet. Tap on it, then turn off the "People" syncing option. Now, your tablet will only have access to contacts that are stored locally.

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    01-10-2018 11:22 AM

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