1. dj54321's Avatar

    My Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50f is 14 months old. All of a sudden, the battery (1 year warranty) is taking 10-15% longer to charge, using the same original charger and same outlet.

    1. How long until I need a new battery?

    2. Where do I get a new battery?

    3. When the time comes that the battery no longer charges, could I use it simply plugged in to the wall socket?

    Thanks for any help.
    01-14-2018 03:03 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Maybe a year, unless you get tired of the longer charge time and the shorter time between charges sooner.

    2. For a tablet? You bring it to a repair shop. It has to be opened, and I strongly recommend that you don't try that yourself. (We used to keep old, dead phones and tabs in the shop for new techs to learn on. Just to replace the battery, it can take 2 or 3 to learn not to break things, not to pinch wires when putting it back together, etc.)

    3. You could, until the battery is so bad that even that won't work - but that usually takes longer than it takes for the dead battery to corrode enough that it destroys the tablet from the inside - 5 years? Maybe 10?

    To keep it from happening again, if you decide to get the battery replaced, never let it get below 40%. If you can't charge it when it hits 39%, turn it off. (50% is better, but the life span isn't that much different for that difference in discharge.) (Install GSam Battery Monitor and set the low battery alarm to 40%. And if you're doing that, set the high battery alarm to 90% and the battery will last even longer.)
    01-14-2018 05:38 PM
  3. dj54321's Avatar
    Thanks Rukbat for the excellent info.

    I have been staying between 40% and 90%, with few exceptions.

    The 10-15% longer charging time is from approx 40% to 90%.

    Seems like I'll be ready for a new tablet by time the battery is of no use.
    01-15-2018 02:24 PM

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