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    There is this "Android" named system app in my tablet and its causing me so much trouble... at first I didnt notice it because it was in the SysApp list, every 5 mins it opens itself to a black background then a message will appear saying "Android has stopped working" but nothing else happened, it returned to the prev. app. thats when I started to get suspecious about that app, I tried to look at its details and it says "Android/V1.0" and in the permission tab there is this "Change network connectivity" which opens my Wifi and MData and Ads will start popping up, It will then download random apps like "System Sernice (Yes Sernice is what its named)" "Gstore" "Service (with playstore logo)" etc... that will popup and ask for my permission to get installed. but the worse part is, there is this 3 apps that bypass that "Install Unknown App" settings (which is disabled btw) named "com.android.backup (with the more updated Android logo" and does the same as the "Android" App, and there is this "App Tools" which only started to install itself a few weeks ago that cause more troubles like "Collecting/Sending data from my Phone Calls, SMS, Take picture, Record Audio, Modify contacts, Activity Recognition(Calendats/Times), Modify my own contact card, Read my Web History, Add Voicemail, Set an alarm, Access all Google Services including: Adsense,Blogger, Youtube, Gmail, Viee config accs, etc... Change Wifi states/Wimax, Google Play Billing, Access Bluetooth, Advertising ID Notif, Read extra settings preeety much all i guess. thats not all the list but thats the most annoying of all in here. there is one more but it gets disappear after a few seconds i view my apps... I cant delete that "Android" App bcause its a sysapp and i dont havr root permission, deleting those 3 apps makes no sense cause it will only return after i open my wifi. and now i think it also caused my Volume button/Charging to not work... pls help I already did Factory Reset 6 times nothing happened... Sorry for Long Msg.
    Other Suspicious app less annoying that "Android":
    com.android.system.service (New Android Icon)
    (All disabled/Not working)
    01-15-2018 10:32 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    What tablet?
    01-16-2018 05:43 AM

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