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    I need to transfer a game, ULTIMATE JEWEL from an NPOLE 106 Android Tablet to a new DRAGON TOUCH X10 Android tablet, including the game files as my wife has over 4 million points and want to keep playing from that point not start over. I seem to be unable to use AirDroit or other tools to accomplish that. Both tables are Wi-Fi-ed on to my network and seem to find each other with AirDroit. Can't figure out how to transfer. HELP
    01-19-2018 06:01 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    Does the game not have a cloud save option to either Google Play Games or Facebook? Most games now have that.
    01-19-2018 06:34 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Use Helium to back up both the game and its data (the default is to not back up the game, just the data, so change that).

    If the tablet isn't rooted (this holds true for both tablets), helium will tell you to download a file to a Windows PC and connect the tablet to it. It's legitimate, do it.

    Then copy the folder named carbon to the new tablet and restore the app and data. (I have an app I'm constantly doing that with to keep both phones in sync - the app doesn't save its data anywhere but on the phone it's running on.)
    01-20-2018 01:55 PM

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