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    Hello everyone. Sorry if I ask in the wrong website I did not know where to ask this question. Right now I am working on ship and everyone uses same routers. There are 22 of us and everyone has atleast 2 devices. For some reason most of the phones (mostly android devices) are getting problems with wifi, they are connected, but cannot use internet. On some android devices there is written something about IP authentification. It does not happen at the same time. For some people this problem pops out sooner, for some later. To fix this - I am trying to set up Static IP on their devices and that works, but I have some questions. The first one - What will happen if two android devices will have the same IP(right now I am giving everyone different IP)? Can they have the same IP or they will not work that way? Second question is - If I cannot use the same IP, than which numbers should be changed with IP? I mean like - right now i have this

    IP adress
    Default Gateway

    If I change IP adress to 199, which Subnet and Gateway should I use? How do they change? (right now I am not getting out of 17x, 18x borders)
    01-20-2018 10:12 AM
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    If you change it to, the same subnet (always the same gateway - that's the address of the router).

    I suspect, though, that the problem is the lack of DNS, because the ship is losing its internet connection every once in a while (and the DNS server is on land somewhere, so to get the IP address of the other end of the connection you're trying to set up [a server, your email, etc.] you have to be able to connect to the DNS server over the internet).

    Oh - if you give 2 of them the same IP address, one of two things will happen, depending on the router - either the second one turning on won't get a connection or they'll both lose connection once the second one turns on. Only one device can use an IP address on a network. (Which is why everyone could be using 10.x,x,x address on their own router. Each router sets up a separate network. Your address on the internet isn't the 10.x.x.x address, though - the ship has an IP address that's different than any other device on the internet. (Unless it's going, via satellite, through the company's internet connection - then the company has an IP address - on the internet - that's different from everyone else on the internet.)
    01-20-2018 02:37 PM

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