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    Hi, we have a number of staff using Samsung Galaxy Tab A6's running Android 5.1.1. Most are running fine and as they should, however we have a number that are eating through 1GB of mobile data in a matter of days and when we look at the data usage we are told it is our CRM app (Commusoft) that has used most of that data. We of course queried it with them and they stated that their app actively trys to prevent auto back ups as they believed that was what was causing the issue. We had everybody check that auto back up was turned off on the tablets and it seemed to work for a few days then auto back up would switch back on for no reason and the data would be eaten up again. I have put a ticket in with Samsung but wondered if anyone had experienced similar and knew of a fix as we don't want to spend out for higher data allowances if for most staff it seems to not be needed. Over the last week we have had a couple get to 80% and these have not had the back up switched on when checked so not even sure that is the issue. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
    01-22-2018 07:00 AM

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