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    I have a gentleman movie and I want to play that movie in Samsung default MX sorry or Samsung default video player but I can't play Because audio format does not supported they say audio codec not so what can I do to play the file and I have another question for example I downloaded Game of Thrones and there has a subtitle but it can't see in Samsung default video player but that video I play in MX Player sometime I see subtitle but sometime I not but I can add subtitle from setting menu and search online subtitle and downloaded or sometime I find on my device just I open the popup window and the name the file the first letter of the file and automatically file comes up so why this is not happen in Samsung video player default video player because Samsung default video player picture quality is awesome compared to MX Player because I am using Samsung Note 4 it has Quad hd display in future I will buy Samsung S7 edge and it has edge I like that display very much but in MX Player we play the vide if not give that feel so how can I fulfill my video player so that can I support all video and audio codec and online subtitle like MX Player does please help me please
    01-23-2018 02:39 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Where are you downloading these videos from? Maybe they're not meant for your region. Downloading paid movies and shows "for free" from random sites is a good way of getting malware, and it's also piracy, so I would strongly advise against it.
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    01-23-2018 04:03 PM
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    We do not discuss illegal activities on this forum. This is strictly prohibited.
    Thread closed.
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    01-23-2018 04:53 PM

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