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    Three family members have s8',s and neither one will last the whole day. They all have different apps. My wife doesn't have many apps at all. I have asked several people and they are having same problem. We all have AT&T it has to an update. My phone actually died today that has never happened since I April 2917. Not sure how to diagnose problem.
    01-25-2018 09:16 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Open device maintenance, tap on battery, tap on battery usage... It will all be there.
    You can limit battery usage per app by not allowing background processes... Or use the battery saver function...
    01-25-2018 09:38 PM
  3. chanchan05's Avatar
    Go to settings>device maintenance>battery>battery usage. Check the biggest user of battery..
    01-25-2018 09:39 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Charge up to 100%, then let it drain to 20-30% with normal usage, without charging in between. Then show us:

    1. The main Settings>Battery screen.
    2. The fullscreen battery graph screen (which shows Awake time and Cell Signal Strength).
    3. The Screen category (to see total Screen On time).
    4. The Cell Standby category, if present (to see Time Without Signal).

    You might have to install a 3rd party battery monitor, like GSam Battery Monitor, to get the Cell Signal Strength graph.
    01-25-2018 09:48 PM
  5. kcowboy1999's Avatar
    Whay is battery draining on Galaxy S8.-screenshot_20180126-103006.jpg
    Here is my battery usage. After just 3 hours of normal usage. This doesn't make sense. Just started happening about 2 weeks ago.
    01-26-2018 11:34 AM
  6. Dano1200r's Avatar
    Your screen is using the most, so unless you haven't been using the screen, you'll get another 10 hours of screen time approximately . You could turn down the brightness for a gain. 14 hrs of use per your screenshot isn't bad imo.
    01-26-2018 12:03 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It'd help most if you followed the guidelines in my previous post of what screenshots to show -- that'll give us better information.
    01-26-2018 12:05 PM

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