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    Hi, i am planning to buy a new phone and decided to buy one of these two: the Samsung note 8 dous or the Huawei mate 10 pro.

    Right now im unsure about which one is the best and thus to choose.
    As seen on the benchmarks the mate has more battery capacity and will last longer, but the note has a better screen. when it comes to speed they are not much different. however, i know benchmarks cant be always trusted, samsung may have paid to appear higher in benchmarks (they have done that in the past). also, the note8 has a higher resolution and that scores higher on benchmarks.

    So i have been to two stores recently to look at the phones and my impression was that the mate had a better screen than the note8 (even when benchmarks tell the opposite). I have put both the phones on the same resolution as well so i can test the fps (i couldnt recognize any difference between fhd and uhd) i noticed that the mate scrolled more fluently than the note8 on the same resolution. As for screen calibration and pre settings i also found the mate the better one, because you could change the R G B settings completely, ofcourse the note8 will be able to do that too, but only a few steps (example R +1 +2 +3), also the note has more pre settings, while the mate has two. I also tested bixby on the note and it didnt work at all.

    When it comes to software design, i found the huawei mate to be the better one, i could change the submenus to scroll horizontally or vertically. also the camera has more setting compared to the note8 and pictures appeared very naturally and when you zoom into a pic, it was still sharp. when it came to the note8, i noticed that pictures had too much exposure but still nice. i also made a selfie on it and i can tell that even the ugliest person can look like a barbie princess (wtf, too much stock edit) and that was a big bummer for me as a photographer.

    The looks of the phones were nice, but i found the huawei mate to be the prettiest looking. the note8 has curvy edges and i didnt like it either cause when holding it, i was feeling like it would fall from my hands, the huawei mate doesnt have that at all, it felt good holding it. the note8 has a pen and i liked it on the note4. but the huawei doesnt have any audio jack.

    Spec differences:
    - The note 8 has java, but at the specs for the mate it doesnt mention anything about it.
    - Bluetooth for the note8 is a higher version.
    - Note8 has 64GB and mate has 128GB
    - Mate has higher version of android (8.0 vs 7.1.1)
    - Note 8 has higher screen resolution

    My questions:
    - Does the huawei mate have java too?
    - What are the most limited colors for the huawei mate?
    - They are both dual sim, but is it possibe to insert a SDcard into the mate, and will it be able to read it?
    - Which one has a better camera? (your personal experiences)
    - Which one has a better OS? (your personal experiences)
    - Which one has a better screen? ((your personal experiences)
    - What are the tweaking possiblities at both phones? (custom android, other camera software, rooting, twrp etc)
    - Which one is faster? (ram & cpu) (your personal experiences)

    I hope to get an answer for all my questions. Personal opinions, experiences and advice will be highly appreciated.
    01-26-2018 06:49 PM
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    I recommend joining as a member and engaging with other users in both forums.
    You may get comparative answers to your questions in this forum, but it isn't very likely that many members will have used both devices, so don't expect too much.

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    01-26-2018 07:57 PM

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