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    Looking at buying an 8" tablet. Want a 32gb with explandable storage (microsd). I mainly want it to play games, browse, read and sometimes stream video so I don't use up my phone's battery life. My phone is android and I've bought some games via the Play store so I don't want to give up the access to them. But I've seen where you can add the play store to kindle fire. I have an old Samsung Tab 4 and I know it was good quality but I've used it too much and it doesn't keep up with want i do. I've never even held a kindle fire before. Would the Samsung be worth the $100 extra I would pay for it? (I have a $50 gift card from bestbuy so I would buy the tablet through them). Or would paying less for the Kindle be worth the hassle of get the Play store on it and any other changes I would want to make.
    01-29-2018 01:10 PM

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