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    Its OS 4.4.2 which it updated to automatically. Maybe thats the issue.

    HOWEVER, the wifi works fine otherwise. We can have two iPads, an iPhone, a Windows tablet and the printer running simultaneously.

    My Galaxy used to connect fine, but suddenly would not. When I manually sign into the SSID the wifi icon briefly appears at the top toolbar but disappears. Then the message "You are connected to ************" appears. The wifi switch is green but its not connected.

    My phone will happily connect to any other wifi network I try, but not my home wifi.

    So I conclude that (a) the wifi network, because it runs everything else, is fine, (b) my phone is fine, because it connects faultlessly to any wifi other than mine.

    When I long-press on the home SSID in the available list, the only option is "Connect to this network". I don't get the "Forget this network" option.

    I'm in the UK and the supplier is VirginMedia in case that is relevant, but I don't think it is because everything else connects to it (except the Amazon echo dot, but lets take one step at a time!)

    The router has been reset, by me and by VirginMedia remotely. The phone has been fully shut down/restarted, and all other phone functions are fine. As I said, it connects to other wifi, just not mine.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks - Doug
    01-30-2018 12:33 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! When you say the router was reset, do you mean it was factory reset? Or was it just the wi-fi module that was rebooted?

    Does it work if you boot the phone into Safe Mode? https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-11474
    01-30-2018 09:43 PM
  3. Dougoid's Avatar
    Hello B.Diddy,

    Thanks for your reply. By golly it does connect in safe mode! Its been happily updating apps for several minutes now.

    The router reset was by (a) me switching it off for a minute then re-booting and (b) supposedly remotely by the internet carrier [although while she claimed to be doing this I saw no change in the behaviour of the lights on the router so I'm not so sure].

    What should be my next move? I'd rather not have to boot into safe mode each time I want wifi!

    Its been suggested that I use the "Forget this Network" option in an attempt to dismiss my wifi, then connect again manually.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    best Regards - Dougoid
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    01-31-2018 12:52 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The fact that it works in Safe Mode indicates that some 3rd party app you installed is causing the problem. Did you install any security apps, or any app that might be managing network connections? If so, try uninstalling those apps one by one, checking to see if the problem goes away after each uninstall. Otherwise, you may just have to uninstall apps randomly one by one until the problem goes away.
    01-31-2018 02:35 PM
  5. Dougoid's Avatar
    Many Thanks. I'll keep you posted when I find it.

    02-01-2018 05:21 AM
  6. Dano1200r's Avatar
    You were on the spot trying to get the network forgot and reconnect. Find out what is preventing that.
    02-01-2018 07:25 AM
  7. Dougoid's Avatar
    Thanks Dano1200r, but I can only forget and reconnect if I can get connected in the first place!

    I find that disabling McAfee Android security allows me to connect to my home wifi. Strange though, that it allows me to connect to any other wifi I've tried since the issue began. I'll examine McAfee further, hopefully there will be some setting I can change.

    And what is AllShareCast Dongle S/W Update? Was that sneaked in under the radar in an update? Do I need it I wonder....

    Many Thanks All - Dougoid.
    02-01-2018 04:36 PM
  8. Dano1200r's Avatar
    You should be able to forget a network when you aren't connected. Give it a try.
    Go into Connections, WiFi, Advanced, Manage Networks.
    02-01-2018 04:52 PM
  9. Dougoid's Avatar
    Thanks again Dano1200r for your interest.

    When I go into Connections> Wifi> Advanced, the options are:-

    Network Notification
    Sort By
    Keep wifi on during sleep
    Always Allow scanning
    wifi timer
    Instal Certificates
    MAC address
    IP address

    When wifi is off, I don't get the list of available networks. When its on, the long press on each network gives the forget option, except on my home wifi network, which of course are not connected.

    At the moment I have McAfee deactivated while I investigate how to let my home wifi through. Plan B is to uninstall it and get another protection app. I hardly ever use the internet on my phone anyway.
    02-02-2018 12:11 PM
  10. Dougoid's Avatar
    Hello again,

    to close this out - through a web-chat with McAfee, I ended up uninstalling the app, reinstalling, then activating it with a 6 character code provided through the chat followed by my 6 character PIN. I was then able to "forget the network" then re-connect to it.

    In retrospect I should have thought of uninstalling/re-installing but it would appear that I would have needed McAfee's help anyway.

    Dano1200r, although I couldn't before I re-installed, I find I now can "forget the network" when that network is not connected so you were right.

    Thanks to all who offered assistance.

    Regards - Dougoid
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    02-05-2018 11:46 AM
  11. methodman89's Avatar
    Happy you got fixed.
    02-05-2018 11:53 AM

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