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    I have 3 Gmail accounts which can all be pulled up on mine and my husband's phones. I can't even hide my emails from him now. We are separated and getting a divorce. I tried a new gmail account and it pulled right up with the others on my phone. Can he see this new one too? I was afraid so, so I went to Yahoo to try and sever the accounts completely. It offered to sync with Gmail but I'm afraid he will see it too. I'm going to have to do something because I'm not liking Yahoo, I can't get my emails to send. What can I do?
    02-04-2018 08:49 PM
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    The simplest way might be too change your password to Gmail.

    Make sure you change any phone number associated with the account, and change the security question.
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    02-05-2018 01:12 AM
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    The Gmail app will display all accounts signed in on the phone, it even allows a combined inbox. This does not mean that anyone with access to one account can see the messages in another without knowing the username/password for that account.

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    02-05-2018 04:40 AM

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