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    Hi all. I have external 6tb HD connected via USB 3 to windows 7 home PC as a shared network drive. work group no home group. LAN connected to google wifi mesh. Wifi off and disabled.

    Windows box map drive and transfer files 7-11 MBps.

    Androids using both ES as well as the google android samba client 1.1 both point easily to drive and can see all items. File transfer however is in the double digit kbps. Androids are pixel 2 on oreo and a nexus 9 running nouget.

    Chomebook has same experience , great mount and see files, super slow transfer speed.

    thinking this might be the "handshake" between android and the PC??? thoughts on network adaptor settings? Is is a FAT 32 thing? might I be faster if I USB 3.0 into an access point instead of through a windows box?
    02-08-2018 10:50 AM
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    It's a network thing. If Wifi is off, I assume you're connecting the Androids to the PC by USB, then connecting the PC to the 6TB drive by something other than a direct connection - and the translation between the connection types is one suspect.

    Another would be the size of files you're trying to transfer. A few hundred MB should be fine, but if you're trying to transfer GB-sized files, USB isn't designed to do that, and you may find that the USB thruput is the bottleneck. A wifi connection, Android-to-PC, might be faster. (Almost certainly would be faster than double-digit kbps speed.)

    (I don't see where SMB comes into this, but if you have it set up somehow, get rid of it. 10kbps was fast in the 1980s, when IBM invented it, but even with current enhancements [and if you're using it in the Androids you're using Samba], it's still a slow ancient beast.)
    02-08-2018 01:32 PM

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