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    My wife and I both have LG34s bought on same day. Where they both would be recognized for importing pictures in past, neither are being recognized while my two cameras are recognized for importing. I have a Toshiba Satellite L755 if that makes a difference. My problem also started about the time Google initiated process of stopping support of Picasa and encouraging use of Google Photos which may irrelevant if I'm not using the original USB. I noticed in the discussion area of this site that not using original USB could be the issue. I'll start that sorting process.

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.
    02-15-2018 10:07 PM
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    Picassa was an app for finding your photos - Google retired it (IOW, turned it off) a long time ago. It had nothing to do with the camera(s) on the phone. (Read Picasa does not store pictures – Learn Picasa and Google Photos! for a full explanation.)

    If you want to import pictures from the laptop to the phone, plug the phone into the laptop, then pull Notifications down and look for something about USB connection. Make sure it's set to MTP or PTP, not for Charging. (If it's not, tap the notification and that should bring you to a screen on which you can change the connection.)

    (I assume you mean LG 3s or LG 4s - I can't find anything on an "LG34".)
    02-18-2018 03:35 PM

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