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    I hope someone can clarify a strange behaviour with a fresh installed dlink access point. I made some attempts and configurations: in a first time I set it with same ssid and WPA2 key of the main wifi network (I think my android client was not connected to the AP, maybe the wifi was switched off in that moment, because no connection from the client is logged in the AP at that hour). Then I added an _EXT postfix to the AP SSID and, the day after, when I powered on the android smartphone it automatically connected to new SSID (same password as old). Opening WIFI settings in the android smartphone, it was clearly connected to _EXT network (and appears, protected with the WPA lock symbol). Then I deleted the network on the smartphone and only at this point it asked for the WPA2 key. Maybe it's a bug with the router? maybe Android client tried to connect because SSID is very similar and WPA2 key is the same? thanks a lot, peace
    02-16-2018 07:25 AM

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