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    I have a LGG4 phone that usually works just fine, but for the past few days the battery has been draining at an insanely fast rate to the point where right after I unplug it the estimated life is about 2.5 hours. And when I check to see whats using up so much of my battery 45-50% is just from my screen??? But it will still drain at this rate (if not faster) when the screen is off. I clean my cache almost daily, and tried deleting any apps that might be the cause but noting has worked so far? I have noticed that often my screen will wake up to the lock screen by itself (like it's sitting on the floor and there is no one near it and it will just wake up three or four times at random intervals) so maybe that's related? Help???
    02-19-2018 12:30 PM
  2. LOCKEDAWAY's Avatar
    i would try running in safe mode which disables all apps to be sure it's not an app doing it. if it fixes it when you k kw it's an app. if it still does it I would do a factory reset
    02-19-2018 01:20 PM

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