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    I got my phone (moto z play) about a year ago. i have pretty bad luck with electronics... since i got it, i have gotten water damage, and broken the screen. as a result of the water damage, the camera, flashlight, and power button stopped working. whenever i open the camera app, it says "camera has stopped". anyways, yesterday my phone was working as it always does, when all of the sudden, it kept saying some google app stopped. i tapped "close app" but it kept popping up. i closed out all of my apps just to make sure, and it still popped up. i went to an app that cleans out unwanted files on your phone, and cleared at least 2 gigs (supposedly). my phone said i used a little over 31 out of 32 gigs. i tried deleting like half of my apps, but i had to click "ok" on a pop up to delete it as the popups for the other things were happening, and by then, the popups were for instagram, and allarm clock, and some games. a popup came up every time i exed out another one, and the apps werent deleting. it wouldnt let me go to my home screen, and i couldnt restart my phone with the power button, because the power button didnt work, and i couldnt go to settings because i couldnt get to my home screen. so i got tired of it, and i pressed the volume buttons and the power button at the same time... it went to the screen that it goes to when it restarts, but didnt restart. about half an hour later, it started to do the thing it does when it restarts, with the letters spelling DROID but it stopped 2secondes in and restarted that over and over. it did that for a couple hours, and the next time i picked it up, the screen was black, and now, the next day, it still wont turn on, or change from the black screen... im really scared because i have no idea what happened... if you have any idea what happened, or how to fix it, please help.
    02-20-2018 05:09 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, this is probably a late or cumulative effect of the previous water damage. Water damage can be insidious and progressive, as components gradually corrode. There's probably not much you can do -- hopefully you were keeping your important data backed up or synced on a regular basis ever since the water damage happened.
    02-20-2018 09:33 PM

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