1. GoldCrazy2's Avatar
    There are several odd files in miscellaneous that make no sense like droidhen, ferrari, ctemp, tcookied and worse that I cannot connect to an app I know of. Bad enough that apps autostart without me using them or not shutting down all the way when I exit them.
    02-20-2018 09:36 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    If you do not know what the files are for, then it is not safe for you to delete it.

    "Miscellaneous" just means they are not user-controlled files.
    02-21-2018 03:27 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Also, it's normal for the system to open apps into RAM, because Android prefers RAM to be mostly full. For Android, empty RAM is wasted RAM. Apps that are open in RAM but not in the foreground should generally be paused, and not be using power (unless they have an active background process like playing music, or unless they're poorly coded).
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    02-21-2018 07:27 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    The reason Android is designed to have RAM almost full is that a lot of Android apps use processes in other apps (like programs use .dll files in Windows), so if the "other app" is already in RAM, the app that needs a function from it doesn't have to wait for that app to load into RAM (and neither do you). So once an app is in RAM it won't be removed from RAM until it's not being used, and Android needs the space. If you don't turn your phone off for a week, you could have an app sitting in RAM since the beginning of the week. (Remember, in Android a) all apps are equal and b) it shouldn't take more than one second for an app to run.)
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    02-22-2018 03:38 PM
  5. GoldCrazy2's Avatar
    If RAM is full, just how is any app suppose to function without massive file swapping and overheating your phone? Your working memory needs to be as open as possible.

    Not all orphaned files are in Cache.
    02-23-2018 02:51 PM

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