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    Samsung J5 (2016)

    Since installing Android 7.1.1 my radio app keeps cutting out every five minutes. The app is from www.appnugget.co.uk and is for Big L Radio.

    I've tried all the suggested solutions online with no success. App permissions etc.

    Any other ideas, other than cancelling my extra data from my provider?

    I do think it's very shoddy when you don't have one simple switch to change app permissions. You really shouldn't have to spend time chasing around just to get it to work like it used to, just because it's been "upgraded"
    02-21-2018 03:46 AM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    Is this app available on the Play Store?
    Did you download it from the Play Store or did you sideload it via APK?
    02-21-2018 10:40 AM

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