1. chamomiami's Avatar
    i always listen to people recommending to dont sleep with the phone by our head so thats why my phone is always by the floor next to my bed, no even at the nightstand, radiation and all that..

    anyone know how safe for our health is the new wireless charging technology ?

    im not concern about the phone getting hot or something like that im asking about us
    02-23-2018 11:33 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If radio "radiation" near our heads was unsafe, most police departments would have found out by now, considering that the antennas of most portable police radios are within inches of the officer's head. (And they transmit about 25 times as much power as a cellphone does). So I wouldn't worry about the radiation coming from the phone. (The whole SAR thing is the industry's way of stopping law suits - it has nothing to do with safety.)

    As for wireless charging, that's orders of magnitude less dangerous than a cellphone. Remember, radiation danger goes up as frequency goes up, and wireless charging frequency is in the 100KHz to 300KHz frequency range - about 10^12 lower in frequency than a typical 4G signal. You'd have to focus the signal on a particular part of your brain and run it for weeks - for the diathermic heating to do any damage. The radiation would take millennia to cause damage.

    Bottom line, both cellphones and wireless charging are completely harmless - neither one is ionizing radiation (which is the only kind of radiation that's dangerous - things like what comes out of a nuclear bomb). Even a microwave oven isn't dangerous, except that it will cook you - but that's 1,200 Watts - a cellphone is about 1mw (1/1,000 of a Watt) to 1 or 2 Watts (if you have a really weak mobile signal) - which is still only about 0.1% of a microwave oven - and totally the wrong frequency to cook anything. (Bluetooth and Wifi are closer, but still not close enough.)

    Worrying about it is likely to cause far more damage.
    02-23-2018 02:54 PM

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