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    hello. i am new here. i am currently studding computer silence and objective programing.
    i have a Xperia z3 (leo) D6603. i have previously rooted it for some experimentation and i have installed cm12.

    then recently i had major issue with com.android.prosses.acorn that kept crashing. And then i had lots of other critical services that whet down afterward like a chain reaction with each reboot.
    so i made a fast backup and rebooted in to my twrp recovery where i wiped and formated everything.(dalvik/art, cache, data, system, internal memory, external memory.)

    then later on i tried out emma.exe ([replase the spaces in the addres with dots] adress: developer sonymobile com/2016/09/21/updated-video-how-to-download-and-install-the-flash-tool/ ), witch is very similar to flashtool in regards where it fetches the latest stock rom/boot/recovery and installs it to the devise,
    to download and install the stock rom in the same time get the latest bootloader version for my device.

    then i went ahead and started it, enabled usb debugging in dev options, then
    booted it back in to bootloader where i wiped recovery partition (and system #1 ).

    afterward i installed twrp back in to it so that i could boot back in to recovery where i could install a different ROM from my sdcard... but to no avail.
    the flashing recovery part whet successfully but the devise it self just would not boot in to it

    #1 : i wiped the system partition because it did not want to boot recovery partition what so ever after i wiped and installed twrp recovery(same one i used previously on the same device).
    I have tried "adb reboot recovery" and "fastboot boot recovery.img" but to no avail. so i finally decided to just wipe system partition as well to try to force the boot to boot in to recovery.

    but that does not work either.

    so i need help in solving my issue with my recovery.

    where did i go wrong?

    cant the boot partition boot in to recovery without the system partition present?

    and what tactually dictates what partition will the boot load?
    02-23-2018 10:37 AM
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    pulled from ( https://www.addictivetips.com/mobile...ta-cache-misc/ )

    This is the partition that enables the phone to boot, as the name suggests. It includes the kernel and the ramdisk. Without this partition, the device will simply not be able to boot. Wiping this partition from recovery should only be done if absolutely required and once done, the device must NOT be rebooted before installing a new one, which can be done by installing a ROM that includes a /boot partition.


    This partition basically contains the entire operating system, other than the kernel and the ramdisk. This includes the Android user interface as well as all the system applications that come pre-installed on the device. Wiping this partition will remove Android from the device without rendering it unbootable, and you will still be able to put the phone into recovery or bootloader mode to install a new ROM.


    The recovery partition can be considered as an alternative boot partition that lets you boot the device into a recovery console for performing advanced recovery and maintenance operations on it.

    so basically if you are not able to boot in to recovery by any normal means,
    its likely that you're new stock ROM of yours have a different protocol or just does not allow
    you to boot in to recovery by any normal means.

    in this case you'll have to flash your boot partition with a boot image that you previously
    used (when you where able to boot in to recovery) and try again.

    if you have your previous ROM in a zip file, open it and look for a file named "boot.img"
    and extract it to any fourfold. then use that boot.img file to flash your device boot partition and then try again.

    be very careful when flashing boot partition. if you don't know what you are doing, and do something inappropriate to that partition, you may brick you're devise.

    i hope this will help!
    02-23-2018 12:24 PM

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