1. Donald M's Avatar
    my phone wont connect to my work wifi it keeps saying failed to find ip adress

    i have already clicked forgot network several time and even went into settings and reset network connections but nothing works.
    Even setting the ip to static and entering 192.168.1.xxx 10-255 wont work either. we even reset the router at work

    is my only option left to factory reset phone?

    phone is verizon galaxy s8+ os7.0

    please help???
    02-24-2018 05:40 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. (and .0) is a restricted address - stick to 2-254.

    2. Are you sure the router is at 192.1668.1.1? It could be at Or at 10.<something>. Or at 172.<something>. That wouldn't matter if you used DHCP, but it would certainly stop you from getting an IP address if you set a static address.

    3. Resetting the phone won't do a thing, unless you really messed something up, like installing a full VPN (or have VPN turned on in the phone).

    4. Are you sure the router has any DHCP address available? (If it's a large company, and everyone has their phones' wifi on, that could be hundreds of people trying to connect to one router - and the router can only issue 253 addresses.

    5. Don't you have a network administrator, who can look into this and fix the problem? (If your phone can connect to your home wifi, or an open public wifi, there's no reason it shouldn't connect to your work wifi.)

    I'm assuming that you're using the correct password (or you';d get an error message long before the "unable to obtain an IP address" problem, you're on the right band, using the right protocol, etc. (same thing as the password) and the signal is fairly decent where you are (again, for the same reason).

    But, as you can see if you read Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Problems, it's never easy to troubleshoot a wifi problem online. It could be the simplest thing, that I'd spot immediately, but that I'm not thinking of at the moment.
    02-24-2018 01:44 PM

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