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    So It was a Saturday morning and I was doing my schoolwork, using my tablet to search on information that wasn't on my textbook.

    I was using the tablet while charging, and I accidentally unplugged the charger and I plugged it back again, but on the wrong side of the charger (it still fits, though.)

    I realized that it was on the wrong side so I unplugged the charger and just as i was plug it back on the right side, the tablet turned off.

    I tried turning it on with the power button, but still, no difference.

    I tried everything, even holding the volume buttons and the power buttons.

    A few minutes later, it was overheating. Put it in the freezer for 5 minutes and it still was overheating.

    It only stopped overheating when I connected my tablet to my laptop via usb cable.

    I left it charged for 1 hour, no difference.

    4 hours, still no difference.

    Charged overnight, still no difference.

    My tablet is the Bluewave 8 HD+ and the android version is 5.0+

    The tablet was at 84% when it blacked out. Please help ASAP.
    02-24-2018 04:17 PM
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    The "how to fix" part is determined by the "why" part, and we don't have enough information to determine that. What's "the wrong side" of the charger? There's a 110 (or 220 depending on where you live) Volt input side and there's a 5 Volt output side. You couldn't have plugged the cable into the input side - that's either just a wall plug or a cable fixed into the charger (no socket) with a wall plug on the end of it. If "both sides" of the charger that you're referring to are 5 Volt sources, it makes no difference, so there's something else that happened.

    If you did happen to plug the tablet into some source of higher voltage, you probably blew something (more likely, a lot of "somethings") inside it, and it needs to be repaired (not by you but by a repair shop). The problem is that the repair would cost more than the tablet did when it was new, and it's old - you can buy a currently-new tablet for less than it would cost to replace all the damaged parts in that one. (And if you damaged it from overvoltage, anything you had in it is gone, so there's nothing to recover - learn to make backups.)
    02-25-2018 01:43 PM

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