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    My first grown-up phone and I have no clue hoe to set up email (neither did the guy in the shop!). Problem is, when the phone first asked for an email address, I put my current one in, but the reply was that this email was already in use, obviously because it's mine! We made a second one up with a new password. When I came to yahoo.mail to send a text, I was asked for my email address, so I put my current one in, as that is the address that everyone knows me by. I was asked for a password, which was difficult as I set the account up some 16 years ago and have not been asked for it since, but we found one that seemed to work. After being asked if I was a robot several times, I was asked to fill in two digits from a telephone number, but this was a phone number from when I originally set up the account and I had no record of it. The phone then messaged "oh ho" and that was it. Any suggestions?
    02-26-2018 07:27 AM
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    The problem lies with yahoo. They don't play well with Android (Google/Gmail) if you can.. Start transition over to Gmail since yahoo is pretty much on life support. Microsoft has the same ridiculous security measures. Let me know if you need further walk through.
    02-26-2018 07:57 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    You set it up as a new account, not as an existing one. You get that choice in setting up an email account and if the account already exists, choose existing account. But, in this case, since you don't have access to the old phone number (always update your accounts when you change phone numbers) and you don't keep your passwords, make a new email account and give it your current phone number. Then make sure you keep both (there are password managers, like Keepass2Android Password Safe that make things like that easier), and you keep the account updated. (Then let everyone know that you have a new email address.) Using a GMail address instead of a Yahoo address isn't a bad idea either.

    Don't expect help from your email provider. Yahoo doesn't seem to know how to respond to emails (I've had an issue with them since around 1998, I've emailed them so many times that I've given up, and I still haven't received one single response), but Google isn't that much better if you have a problem with Gmail. Their forum and this one are your best sources of help for that - other users who have solved the same kind of problem.
    02-26-2018 12:01 PM

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