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    Hi, I have a verizon samsung galaxy S8 paired with the Gear S3. I use the stock samsung messaging app. Before when i would clear notifications it would clear the number count badge on the app. Now it does not for some reason. If i reset the watch a few times, i can get it working again but then after a few days it stops clearing the notifications again. I don't want to have to reset the watch everytime. Its a pain. I have tried textra and other sms apps. They have there own issues. Stock seems most stable. HELP.
    02-26-2018 10:43 AM
  2. StopOilmen Ripoffs's Avatar
    Go to settings, notifications then app icon badges. At the bottom, toggle show notification. That's it! Once you go to your homescreen, long press the icon with the notification and this will preview the actual notification. Slide previewed notification to the right and voila!
    06-09-2018 04:23 PM
  3. kmvicker's Avatar
    Hello! Did you ever figure this out? I had a Samsung Galaxy s9 and just got the Samsung S3 gear and I can't clear the badge icon notification number on the watch
    01-02-2019 06:06 PM

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