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    As far as contact management goes, I'd like to say, AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    I have a G7. Contacts. Settings. "Move device Contacts". My two Google accounts show. I click one and a window briefly pops up (very briefly) I don't have time to hit "OK" to confirm. Since those two gmail accounts are there, but my contacts, changes etc never sync or update, it's a mess. Is there a good app for contact management?? Full Contact is WAYYYYYYyyyy over complicated. I just want to put a contact in once, on any device or email account, or work CRM etc and have it update and populate to all. As a Realtor, I have several places where contacts need to be (MLS, CRM, lead accounts, auto email service, brokerage platform, cell phone... I know, its sick, right?) I meet someone and enter in my cell. (it's nowhere else) I get a lead call and enter in my gmail (it's nowhere else) I log onto the MLS to send properties, enter a contact and it's NOWHERE ELSE. You can't import/ export cvi files or whatever because the math of doing that with 10 accounts (and the nightmare of setting up lables and not jumbling info, or GOD, losing contacts) is too risky. COME ON MELENNIALS you were born with these things in your hands, here is a multi-billion dollar business~!! I will PAY FOR A SOLUTION that does not require a degree in computer programming and integration of databases or an over developed ap like FullContact has become. thanks
    02-26-2018 05:23 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I assume that by G7, you mean a Huawei Ascend G7, correct?

    Having your contacts in a Google account is the best way to manage them, in my opinion. As long as you enter a new contact into one of those Google accounts (and not the local Phone account), they should automatically sync to that Google account in the cloud (assuming you have Auto-sync turned on). The important thing is to make sure any new contact you enter on the phone is going to a Google account, because the default for many phones is the local Phone account, which doesn't sync anywhere.
    02-27-2018 10:37 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    And if you have 2 Google accounts in the phone (there's no reason for that - you can have one Google account and 10 Gmail email accounts - set them in your email app), turn off sync in one of them. I find that things get a bit confusing with 2 live, syncing, Google accounts on one phone. (Not to me, but it seems to confuse Google.)

    As for putting a contact in Contacts and having it show up in a CRM or MLS app, that's up to the people who write those apps. Most of the time, they're not written that way. (And apps that are written that way - like Facebook putting its contacts into your Contacts app - usually get more complaints than praise.)

    Of course if you want to hire a developer to write you a CRM, an MLS app (I don't know if their servers are open source - if not, that's a problem for someone writing an app to access them - but not working for them), a "leads" app and anything else you need, feel free to hire a good developer. They only get about $100/hour, and a good app only takes a few hundred hours to develop and test. (Or you could hire a cheap developer, but then you probably wouldn't get the app you want.) Writing software isn't something someone learns in a weekend - learning enough for a real estate license is less than trivial compared to learning to develop apps, whether for a phone or a supercomputer. (Cisco has developers who earn upward of half a million a year, and they know the field, so they wouldn't be overpaying.)
    02-27-2018 02:26 PM

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