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    My phone is running the newest software for months now and had no issue, but I recently bought a new quick charger 2.0, as i plugged in my phone, it was charging fine for at least 5 minutes. Then when i checked my phone is was at 18% and suddenly the screen went black, however when I tried turning on the phone by the power key, it wouldn't turn on. I changed batteries from another LG phone and it won't turn on, until i switched the battery again, (when i placed the original v10 battery into the other phone it said it had no power). Using the new battery this time, the phone's logo came up, but the screen started to glitch with many pixels being jumbled up, which caused it to power off and wouldn't turn back on, I removed and placed the battery back on and put it into safe mode, however once it got to the lock screen, it glitched and turned red and off. I did the same process, now every time it either stops at the lg logo and turns off, then to the t mobile logo and glitches badly, the phone screen also turned green and said system failure, crash. I think the new charger has fried my phone.
    02-28-2018 08:29 PM
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    Plug in the charger (with whichever battery you like). Leave it plugged in for at least 8 hours. Then try it.

    In the future, don't let it discharged lower than 40%. Lithium batteries are not deep discharge batteries, you ruin them quickly by letting them drop down to lower than 18%, which is where yours was. (Even 30% shortens their life.)
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    02-28-2018 10:28 PM
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    It wasn't discharging, before i plugged in the new charger the phone was at 5%, I waited 5 minutes and it was at 18%, seemed normal. I came back a minute later and it wouldn't turn on. I've tried other batteries and chargers, but it won't charge. I used a battery at 100 percent from another phone in it, I get a bootloop and i've placed it in safe mode, the big problem is that it won't get past the tmobile logo, but glitches start coming out of nowhere all across the screen. Won't turn on again after the glitches until i keep putting another battery in it, but same thing turns on but once it gets on the logo it glitches and screen turns green with the word crash every time.
    03-01-2018 03:32 PM

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