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    Brand new ZTE phone, 7.0 Nougat
    Brand new SD cards, the first one was ADATA 32GB, the second one is LEXAR 16GB, the third one is Transcend 32gb card... all cards are AUTHENTIC, not knock-offs.
    ( MOST DISTURBING thing, not only does Android 7 corrupt SD cards, but it kills them in such a way there THEY CAN NOT BE FORMATTED ANY LONGER... read on --> )

    all 3 cards were formatted as INTERNAL, with apps + downloads + music + pictures + docs on them...

    all cards were inserted snug ! the sd card slot appears to be tight.

    CASE 1: authentic ADATA high speed class 10 32gb brand new card:
    Worked for about 1 month, one day a notification popped up: your ADATA card is missing, please insert your card: all apps, music, docs, pictures - all f...king gone!
    powered down, opened case, reinserted card, power up - nope, did not work,
    same message... did it a few more times...

    next I go settings -> storage -> it's saying "checking sd card' -> corrupt -> nougat gives me an option FORGET and REFORMAT -> chose FORGET ( thinking at least can save the card and reformat it and restore all from scratch ) -> proceeded to FORMAT AS INTERNAL ( again ) -> f...king android format ERROR ( that flashes for 1 second so you can't even read what it's saying ) -> brand new SD CARD is K.I.A

    - took card out again, tried formatting in: other tablet, action cam, under windows ( chkdsk, diskpart, various partition soft, various sd formatting soft ) -> nothing, card can not be formatted, windows does not even assign a letter to it... - dead card...

    - since internally formatted sd card is encrypted in ext4, no software exists to recover the files... !!! + no apps yet exist to recover internally formatted corrupt SD cards

    CASE 2 OK, went out and got a brand new authentic LEXAR card:
    same EXACT story... one day message pops up and SD CARD IS KIA...
    will not accept formatting, dead.

    CASE 3 OK, went out and got authentic TRANSCEND 32gb card...
    this time a thought popped into my head: maybe somehow when the phone is bumped or when vibrator goes off ( reminder - both phone and the cards are basically brand new ) it somehow results in a bad connection between the card and the sd card slot connector, so I put scotch tape over sd card slot and even over the battery just in case + turned off the vibrate feature just in case.
    Will see what happens this time... crossing my finger.

    Again the most disturbing fact is that once the SD card is corrupted ( the cause and the process is still unknown: bad connector or android bug ) Android can't reformat the card any longer - it's GONE forever...

    Now how the f...k can that be designed like that ???
    If the card is formatted into encrypted ext4 format, then even if it's corrupted by whatever reason inside same device, Android should be able to reformat it.
    Meaning 7.0 Nougat can't even access its own formatted and mounted sd cards.

    If anybody having the same problems, post here.
    Any solutions, suggestions, post here.

    03-01-2018 07:19 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I don't think it has to do with Android itself -- it's probably how ZTE implemented Adoptable Storage. Some manufacturers seem to do it better than others -- e.g., judging from discussions on these forums, it seems that Lenovo/Moto did some screwy things that caused various issues when users formatted SD cards as Internal and not Portable. There have been comparatively fewer complaints here about one of the other major manufacturers that supports it, HTC -- but that's by no means a conclusive survey.

    There may not be much you can do, apart from hoping ZTE releases a patch that addresses the issue (but I wouldn't hold my breath). You could give feedback to ZTE to make sure they're aware of the problems you've had, but again, that won't fix the problem immediately (or probably at all) for you.

    Even if the phone did implement Adoptable Storage well, it's still not an ideal solution, because even if a card is "authentic," it's still inherently much less reliable than onboard memory, and is at greater risk for corruption. It's important to keep in mind that all consumer SD cards are made with low quality memory chips, regardless of the manufacturer -- I was told this by an industry insider. Some companies (like Sandisk) offer good warranties/guarantees, so that if/when the card fails, you have a good chance of getting a replacement. But no one can guarantee that the card won't ever fail.
    03-25-2018 06:09 PM

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