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    I have an S6 edge, with a cracked glass, and around 6-10 lines with 1440 dead pixels, per line. some of these lines change color, some are white, gray , one is almost always green. Also I noticed that the display, under those lines, jumps up and down a millimeter sometimes, and it flickers the brightness a little bit.
    I think my whole display, or the bottom part is going to die real soon and I want to put a thick black line where the lines are to turn them off because OLED,
    IS there such an app?
    03-03-2018 09:20 AM
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    The reason those lines are randomly changing color is that the phone no longer has any control over them - so you can't make them do anything. Just copy everything of any importance to another device (see Backing up an Android Device if you don't know how) before the rest of the screen goes dead.

    There's a menu in a Samsung phone that will allow you to turn the whole screen any color you like (it's used to test the screen), but in your case it's going to show that the screen is bad. (It's due to physical breakage inside the screen - which can happen due to shock, even if the phone is dropped on a corner or on its back. There ate tiny glass tubes in the screen - and they're fragile.)
    03-03-2018 12:01 PM

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