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    Please I'll like to know if there is an app that can enable me increase the volume of my Samsung Galaxy SM532 phone.
    The problem is that the volume is just too low, even when I increase to volume to 100 percent of music volume.
    Added to this problem is the fact that I cannot use a headset or an ear tip with the phone. The sound that comes out of the set, is always so fait that it is inaudible. There is no problem with the ear tips or the ear jack. The problem has always been there from the start when i got the phone, and so there is no need for a factory reset.
    So, as I asked earlier, is there an app that can help me increase the volume of the phone? if there is, how is it used after it's installation.
    Hope to read a response.
    Thanks and kind regards.
    03-04-2018 12:52 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Apps can lower the volume, they can't raise it. The phone pouts out a fixed amount of sound - that's hardware-controlled, no software can make it louder.

    If the sound is so faint in an earphone, you may have a hardware problem with the phone (which would take a repair shop to fix if it's not still under warranty).
    03-05-2018 05:15 PM

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