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    My wife, my son and myself are all on the same T-Mobile One plan, and we all have the Samsung Galaxy S7.

    I've tried installing two driving apps (Drivemode and DriveSafe.ly), so that I can set up auto responses to be sent while I'm driving. Both apps appear to recognize text messages from all my other contacts. I have tested this with both Samsung Galaxy users as well as contacts who use T-Mobile.

    However, texts from my wife or my son are not captured, they are simply ignored by both apps.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    Is there something particular or different about the way text messages between family members on the same plan are sent or processed vs everyone else, that could be causing this issue?

    Support from the app developers has been non-responsive, and of course
    the reply from T-Mobile's Support Dept is "we don't support 3rd party apps".
    03-08-2018 12:37 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There shouldn't be any differences. Texts are identified by the phone number they come from. T-Mobile does allow two devices (such as your phone and your watch) to share a number, but I doubt that's the case here.
    03-08-2018 12:58 PM
  3. eblues's Avatar
    I know, it's a very strange, but real problem.

    With a driving app installed and running, I still receive every text that's sent to me. The driving app detects all texts that are sent to me from anyone not in my family plan, and does what it's expected to do... that is notify me of the text and send an automatic reply back to the sender informing them that I'm driving.

    The issue is only with the family members within my plan. When a family member sends a text my phone receives it as normal, however the driving app does not seem to detect it. There is no apparent reaction at all by the app to these incoming text, and no auto reply is sent. Since my family members are the ones most likely to text me while I'm driving, this behavior is a deal breaker for me using a driving app, unless I can get the issue resolved.

    There must be something unique about in-plan texts, or some family setting in my phone that is causing this issue. I can't think of any other explanation. I installed the app on my wife's phone and sent her a text from mine, with the same results. So it's not some issue specific only to my phone.
    03-09-2018 04:50 PM

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