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    I've had my LG G6 for about 6 months now without issue... other than when I use Chrome. A few months back, I noticed my browser would occasionally redirect me to a blatantly shady webpage that claimed I had a virus and needed to install a "cleaner" or something like that. This occurred mostly when viewing an article shared on Facebook or an equally advertisement-oriented page. My solution up until now has been to simply close the new tab that I was redirected to OR to check the box that said "prevent this page from creating additional dialogue boxes" and spam click the back button on my phone. I figured these redirects are harmless and its never been a pervasive issue, so dealing with it every so often didn't really bother me. Now, fast forward to last night, bearing in mind that I have done nothing differently to my phone or downloaded any files other than the occasional photo from google images (I also used Chrome all day with no problems). Before going to bed I opened Chrome to be greeted by the same sort of spam page mentioned earlier. I closed the app and tried to reopen it but it seemed as though my browser had been, well, hijacked and my homepage was changed (The new url had the word "carbonizer" in it and there was there was a computerized voice speaking in a different language, if this means anything at all). I couldn't leave the page and every time I closed and reopened Chrome the same thing would happen. SO, in hopes that this was an issue with only chrome, I downloaded Firefox to see what would happen. To test, I kept refreshing the google homepage and everything everything seemed fine, until, to my surprise, about 5 minutes later Firefox fell victim to the same hijacker. THIS was about the time that I began to worry. I don't know a whole lot about viruses, but I figured this meant that there was some sort of malware hidden somewhere on my phone. Interestingly though, my phone performance did not change, nor did any of my non-browser apps malfunction. So, I downloaded Malware Bytes from the playstore as recommended by numerous forums, and ran a full system scan... it found nothing. I uninstalled it, tried Norton and this yielded the same result. At this point, i was kind of panicking, as I do have personal information stored in my phone throughout a couple of different apps (stuff like credit card numbers, photos of personal documents, etc etc) - yet nothing that can't be recovered by myself with their respective hard-copies. This in mind, I hard factory reset my phone without backing anything up for fear of reinstalling an existing virus. Thus far, about 15 hours later, the issue has not resurfaced. But I am reaching out here for some further information, even if it is indeed gone for good:
    Has anyone seen any sort of browser hijacker as persistent as this one on an android phone? How could I have possibly gotten the virus without downloading a shady apk? Is it possible that such a virus could have affected any of my other apps and gained access to sensitive information? Is it possible that the virus could resurface on my newly reset phone? I also read somewhere that malware can attach itself to a linked email account rendering any phone that the email is linked to infected as well... is this actually possible and what can I do moving forward? I do apologize for such a lengthy post, I'm just very worried at the moment and I honestly can't find find much information on the subject.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    03-16-2018 03:49 PM

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