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    I have 2 phones, one with enabled wifi hotspot (unlimited company data) and second Huawei P9 with Android 7 (personal with limited data usage). When i want to connect to the wifi hotspot it is marked as mobile hotspot. In past i was able to change these setting under setting / data usage / mobile hotspots to threat the wifi as normal access point and now i can't.

    Any idea where i can change it now to threat the wifi mobile hotspot as normal wifi? Or any application which will allow me to change these settings?

    03-21-2018 08:16 AM
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    In which phone? It should look like normal wifi to the P9 - just "forget" the connection, then connect to it again.

    If it's not acting like normal wifi in the one running the hotspot, speak to IT - they must have changed something. A hotspot is just a normal router and wireless access point running in a phone. It has no control over the signal it's connected to, though, just as your home router can't control your provider's signal.
    06-17-2018 01:38 PM

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