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    Upgrade to S7 from S5 - everything is great, except I experience one very annoying issue: many YouTube videos I download for offline viewing ( YouTube Red) start freezing after a few minutes of watching. If I clear the YouTube cache and restart the app it works for a bit and then starts freezing again (the circle in the middle is rotating and the video is frozen).

    No freezing happens when I watch videos over the internet.

    Here is what I tried to do to fix this issue:
    - Wiped cache partition
    - Reinstalled YouTube (disabled, updated to new version) and restarted
    - Enabled Developer Options and Selected Force GRU rendering - this helped a bit, but did not resolve the issue
    - Turned off hardware overlays in Developer Options.
    - Turned on 4x MSAA in Developer Options.
    - Cleared cache in Google Play app
    - Switched download storage from SD to phone to eliminate SD issue

    Any ideas?
    03-26-2018 09:00 PM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    Post your ra memory usage during the hiccups. See if another app begins running in your list.
    03-26-2018 10:12 PM

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