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    Looking for the perfect car app for android based head unit..

    I have searched and searched, even tried and tested a good dozen now and the best I have found that suits me is Pi Player buuuut its not perfect because when you browse through folders, it only gives you half the screen, horizonatally at least though, unlike the stock music player which gives you 1/4 of the screen vertically which is awful.

    Some apps I have tried take far too long load up, some even have to import all the music from my USB stick every single time I launch the app (Switch the car on, which is terrible)

    So what I want:

    A Android Music app for my car so needs to run in landscape mode, that has good support of playing from USB storage and has a browse folder feature.. which must have a *good interface for making browsing through all the folders and then individual songs nice and easy*.
    Ideally will have some extra features such as auto play on power on, widgets etc.....

    Thats the main thing, just want it to obviously load my music instantly like Pi Player does but give me the whole of screen to browse through my folders making it nice and easy within a nice interface

    Any recommendations please fire them away
    03-28-2018 05:31 AM
  2. Julien Krins's Avatar
    Hi sir,

    Did you find anything good?

    I'm exactly in the same spot of you right now. The main concern is to find an app that would enable horizontal scrolling (far easier to swipe from left to right than up to down when you're sitting in your car).
    04-24-2018 01:39 AM

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