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    I would like to uninstall or at least stop the unnecessary apps, but am always given a message warning me that stopping may cause something to fail. Those I list below are apparently all running at the moment, but were not, as far as I know, started by me. I am not doing anything on my phone, am in flight mode and have disconnected wifi ; blue tooth and GPS. The battery is used 38% by something called cell radio, but I am neither using a cell phone not have I ever tried to use a radio.
    currently running: mpt application;; sysscope; factory mode; voice talk; learning hubco..sec; pagebuddynotisvc; video hub; I would also like to stop any app that I have used but no longer need.
    Please advise me. My battery has a very short life before recharge.
    04-01-2018 08:17 AM
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    What phone? Carrier-locked or not?

    04-01-2018 08:41 AM
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    First, the "battery used" you're seeing is the battery that's been used since the last full charge, it's not the battery that's being used at the moment. Second, that's used out of the total amount of power that's been used, not the amount out of total battery.

    Stopping any app may cause another app to fail, because an app may use a process in another app. Why load its own copy of the process when there's already a copy of the process in RAM, available for it to use? That doesn't mean that there's any connection between the app you're closing and any other one, just that there may be.

    You don't have to stop any app, ever, unless it's so badly written that it causes problems. Android will, if it needs the RAM space, kill an app to get it. since all Android apps have to maintain their present state at all times, that's not a problem. When that app comes to the foreground again (when you tap the recently used apps button and tap that app), Android runs the app with a message that tells it something like "you were stopped". That tells the app to look (in its cache, if it's written properly) to get back to where it was when it was stopped, and continue on.

    Stopping an app does nothing for you. It's still taking up storage. Even if you think it's totally unnecessary, and you'll never run an app that needs that app's processes, if Android needs the space it's taking in RAM, Android will stop it. Otherwise, the space isn't needed, so who cares? Being in RAM has nothing to do with running out of storage, so you don't gain anything by stopping apps. Just let Android work.

    Uninstalling? Only uninstall apps you've installed, and apps you've seen in a list for your model phone posted by a trusted author. (You'll see such lists on XDA Forums occasionally.) He's deleted apps, one at a time, then in pairs, then in groups, reflashing the ROM every time he removed something that caused a problem by not being there. It can take a few months to get a large list like that. (Remember, these guys have families and jobs too.) And sometimes it can end up in a bricked phone (an expensive paper weight).
    04-01-2018 11:54 AM

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