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    I recently bought Pixel 2 after using iPhone 6S for about two years. I severely wanted this day to come; almost feels like I've been freed from shackles and released back into the wild. Ehem... enough about my excitement... I've been finding Google Assistant to be gradually more useful (never felt the same with Siri), especially during my long commute/drive to work. I also love listening to music during that time, reverberating around the entire vehicle, so loud, I can't even hear the words that come out of my mouth. This might be a bit silly question but is there any device that I can use so that Google Assistant can understand my commands in such noisy place? I feel a bit embarrassed after writing this out because it takes no effort just to turn down the volume of the music whenever I want to use Google Assistant, we are all very rational and non-judgemental people here, aren't we? Hahaha. Anyhow, I've been looking into Bluetooth earbuds (e.g., Pixel Buds, IconX, etc.) since they have more moderate visual profile than a headset and have a built-in microphone, and are closer to my mouth than my phone is which is on the dashboard. However, I am not sure if Google Assistant on my Pixel 2 would be able to pick up my voice through the earbuds more precise than if I were to speak into it without them. Does anyone here use or have used any earbuds with their Pixel 2 or on other Android phones for Google Assistant in a noisy environment? Could you tell me about your experience? If the earbuds are not well-suited for such situation, then... what might be a better approach?
    04-03-2018 12:28 AM

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