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    All i want is to move my music/image files onto my sd card. But once i did it i Deleted the original file on the phone storage then unexpectedly the file from my sd card was deleted also. I just knew that i can move the files to my sd card but the problem is, i am using a lenovo and i dont have the option to move the file. What am i gonna do now
    04-05-2018 09:19 AM
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    No, Move is Copy/Delete. You can copy the files from the phone storage, then paste them to the SD card. (Don't do this in anything but a file manager - it sounds as if that's what you did. A media app will see the music files [and a picture app will see the image files] regardless of where they are, so if they're on the SD card and you move them to the SD card, the app can mess them up.)

    So fire up a file manager app (File Manager is good, ES File Explorer is good, Total Commander is good), find the file in the phone, copy it, go to the SD card where you want the file to be and Paste it. (The next time you restart the phone, you'll see 2 of them in your music or picture app - one in the phone, on on the SD card. If the one on the SD card stops working or disappears, use the file manager again to make sure it's not where you put it [if it is, first restart the phone - if that doesn't bring it back, delete it from the SD card]. Then do the whole copy process again.)
    04-05-2018 12:11 PM

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