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    Help. I left my Samsung S8+ charging overnight for 10 hours approximately and when I woke up, the phone felt hot and it did not turn on at all. I tried the forced reset (holding the power and volume down buttons for 10secs, 30secs, even up to 1-2mins) and still it did not respond. I did all the suggestions on the internet, pressed buttons at the specified time and still nothing. If I connect it to the charger, no light comes on and after 2-3mins, the back part of the phone feels warm then hot after a couple more minutes. It is completely dead. Help.

    Do you think it can be fixed with replacing the battery or is it something more serious that needs actual unit replacement? Please enlighten me. Thank you very much!
    04-07-2018 09:27 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    All we can say is that what it looks like is hardware damage, but without actually taking the phone apart, we can't say if a new battery will fix it. It's entirely possible that something shorted.
    04-07-2018 09:36 AM

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